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<TITLE>Tour the Twilight Saga</TITLE>

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<meta NAME="Description" CONTENT="<b>Tour The Twilight Saga</b> travel guidebooks will take you to all the real-world locations featured in <b>Stephenie Meyer’s<b> four novels, as well as all the real-world film sites seen in the five Twilight Saga movies.">

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<center><font size="7"><b>A NOVEL HOLIDAY</b></font><br>

<font size="6">Travel Guidebooks</font></center><p>

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During this work, please consider going to (and <b>LIKE</b>ing) the<br>

<b><a href="">Tour The Twilight Saga FACEBOOK Page!</a></b><br>

As our research progresses, we’ll occasionally post NOTES there, related to our discoveries.<p>



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<center><font size="4">Email CHAS (Ms. CD Miller) at<br>

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